Gum in carpet (Jeff Koons show)

Do not walk past perimeter (Jeff Koons)



Wish you were here, Jersey Shore

What, no love for Jersey City?

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While a photograph seems to capture a frozen moment of a split second, it also captures the trace of time both in literal and symbolic senses. In the image, there are traces of my footsteps and beret. In the horizon is a band of braking waves that permeate into the dark ocean, resting and fleeting. (Photo: Self-portrait, Asbury Park, NJ, 2012. © Minny Lee)

(Hello everyone! I am one of the first year ICP-Bard MFA students. This is my first blog post here. Looking forward to our exchanges of inspirations. :>)

Go go alma mater!

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Fire Police

Trader Joes cart pov Don’t worry @elmalayheehoo there is a steak under those bags.

Happy B @paul_cherch hope you had a good slice of pizza and thrashed to some sweet tunes.